London360 List Blog: Bianca Acca: “I Was Answering Phones for My Parents, Now I’m Director of International Talent & Music for MTV.”

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Here is my list I did for London360 in October 2015 about Bianca Acca:

On the 5th October 2015, Director of International Talent & Music for MTV, Bianca Acca visited the Media Trust in West London. She gave a Masterclass to London360 Multimedia Genius Trainee Journalists.

I found the Masterclass to be very insightful into what happens at MTV. Bianca’s first experience of work was when she used to answer the phones for her parents. She still worked throughout University by doing Radio at Riverside Studios in Hammersmith, London and having work experience with Virgin Records.

She got her first role at MTV as a Temp in the Sales department. Whilst there she had an interview for a role in the Talent department. When asked during the interview what she would be doing afterwards, she said she would be waiting in the reception area and ready to start the job the next day. Bianca did get the job and eventually led her to what she is doing to this present day.

Here are her ten pieces of advice she gave to those wanting to work with the likes of MTV:

  1. You need to learn that every audience market is different all over the world.
  1. Go onto sites like LinkedIn and contact people who work for companies you are interested in. Your approach to these people must be short and to the point.
  1. Put yourself out there and don’t just focus on the big companies. Find agencies, small production companies and even do temp work.
  1. Find your own path and also find your own niche.
  1. Get the key skills because this will make you more employable.
  1. Remember that every company have different cultures but culture is very important.
  1. Go to places that fit you and your personality.
  1. You have to have the ability to sleep for two hours as work can take you anywhere.
  1. By visiting different countries and their cultures can help you to deal with people better.
  1. Finally, always keep your rejection emails and letters because this should motivate you to reach your goal.


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