London360 List Blog: “The Music Industry was like Mars to Me,”: Alesha Dixon

Hi Everyone! 🙂

Here is my list I did for London360 in October 2015 about London360 Ambassador Alesha Dixon:

Alesha Dixon is a London360 Ambassador, Judge on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent Show and Singer. She visited the Media Trust in West London on the 13th October 2015 and gave a Press Conference for London360 Multimedia Genius Trainee Journalists.

Alesha talked about her new album called “Do It For Love,” her life so far and her achievements to date. She talked about her time at BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, how she overcame the attacks made by the Press and how this made who she is now.

She is a mother and balances her time with running her own record label. Alesha has support from her mother when she and her partner are busy. She is also a big fan of surprises but was surprised when the Trainee Journalists wished her a happy birthday towards the end of the conference.

Here are Alesha’s top ten pieces of advice:

  1. Always aim for longevity and try to live your life as best as you can.
  1. Follow your own intuition and instinct.
  1. Who you are counts on what you do and treat people respectfully.
  1. Be determined to break the mould. This is because the Music Industry could be like Mars for you.
  1. You have to learn on the job because it is not easy.
  1. Don’t ever compromise your creative and instinctive ability.
  1. Be true to yourself as an artist.
  1. If your soul knows what you want to say for a song, you must find a way to facilitate it.
  1. The industry can knock you out but try and de-attach from it.
  1. Finally, look at the fear as an opportunity to move forward and life is too short so take risks more.

Before Alesha left, she was asked about whether former bandmates from Mis-Teeq and her will do a reunion tour. She said she wouldn’t rule it out and will only do it for the right reasons.


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