London360: The Nine Principles of Google Quiz

Hi Everyone! πŸ™‚

Here is the London360 Quiz I did in September 2015:

I went to the headquarters of Google UK in London and learnt about their principles. Without Googling them, feel free to have a go at answering the nine questions below:

Question 1: What is the first principle?

  1. A) – Innovation comes from anywhere
  2. B) – Innovation only comes from the smartest in the room
  3. C) – Innovation is only for those in the technology industry
  4. D) – Innovation does not exist

Question 2: What is the second principle?

  1. A) – Focus on the shareholders
  2. B) – Focus on the employees
  3. C) – Focus on the user
  4. D) – Focus on the competition

Question 3: What is the third principle?

  1. A) – Think 1X
  2. B) – Think 10X
  3. C) – Think 100X
  4. D) – Think 20X

Question 4: What is the fourth principle?

  1. A) – Better on researching
  2. B) – Better on maximising profits
  3. C) – Better on having fun
  4. D) – Better on technical insights

Question 5: What is the fifth principle?

  1. A) – Love and Peace
  2. B) – Ship and Iterate
  3. C) – War and Destruction
  4. D) – Environment and Sustainability

Question 6: What is the sixth principle?

  1. A) – 50% Time
  2. B) – 80% Time
  3. C) – 20% Time
  4. D) – 30% Time

Question 7: What is the seventh principle?

  1. A) – Default to close
  2. B) – Default to family
  3. C) – Default to open
  4. D) – Default to videos

Question 8: What is the eighth principle?

  1. A) – Fail well
  2. B) – Fail hard
  3. C) – Fail good
  4. D) – Fail poorly

Question 9: What is the ninth and final principle?

  1. A) – Have a mission that does not matter
  2. B) – Have a mission that matters
  3. C) – Have a mission that uses resources to the absolute maximum
  4. D) – Have a mission that uses resources to the absolute minimum

Bonus Question: Which of these four are actual inventions done by Google?

  1. A) – Google Glass
  2. B) – Google Cardboard
  3. C) – Google Chauffeur
  4. D) – Google Iris




Q1: A – Innovation comes from anywhere

Q2: C – Focus on the user

Q3: B – Think 10X

Q4: D – Better on technical insights

Q5: B – Ship and Iterate

Q6: C – 20% Time

Q7: C – Default to open

Q8: A – Fail well

Q9: B – Have a mission that matters

Bonus Question:Β Trick Question! All are inventions from Google.

I especially like Google Iris and Google Cardboard.

With Google Iris it helps the fight with Diabetes by checking out the glucose levels in your tears. With Google Cardboard it’s about having Virtual Reality by just using your phone and two lenses being held by cardboard.

How well did you do?

1-3 out of 9: Oh dear…

4-6 out of 9: Could do better, must Google more.

7-8 out of 9: So close to being an expert on all things Google.

9 out of 9: Google Genius.

Before you leave this page…

Did you know that there are four different versions of Google Chrome?

These are Canary (the bleeding edge of browser technology), Beta, Dev and Stable (the one most people use and is only updated once a month).


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