Update Blog: January 2016

Hi Everyone! 🙂

Happy New Year to all of you and here’s the first blog of 2016.

Just want announce that I am now a Reporter for London360 at the Media Trust for Series 10 in London! 😀

I am also going to end the Track of the Week Podcast at the end of this month and the SavanPlays Podcast in early February 2016. This is because I am going to focus on my new role. However will share a Track of the Week only on Twitter every Sunday.

I will also share the stuff I do such as London360 Vlogs and London360 Extras (Interviews, Bloopers, etc.) on SavanFilms when I can. I will do a SavanVlogs hopefully soon and an introduction to SavanFilms through a Vlog too.

Will post more about my new role on here hopefully soon! 🙂

See you all soon!




2015 was a record breaking year with 1,063 views overall (minus WordPress visitors/Followers).


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