An interesting time at the Royal Television Society Careers Fair 2016

Written for London360 in January 2016:

The Royal Television Society (RTS) had an entry level careers fair in Central London for those who wanted to break into the industry. This event was on the 25th January 2016 and I went with the team at London360.

21 companies attended the event including ourselves and the people who attended were split into four 45 minute sessions to allow them to talk and find out about the various schemes available to them. If people didn’t want to talk to the companies, there was a CV clinic and Interview advice from experts from the TV Industry. They had to use their time wisely as once the session was over people had to exit the room to allow the next session to start.

There were many big TV and Production companies present on the day including the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Viacom, Endemol and Fremantle-Media UK. There were also smaller Production companies including Sara Putt and Evolution. The biggest surprise for me was seeing Warner Bros. UK at the fair because I didn’t know they owned production companies such as Wall to Wall who created the BBC Programme called ‘New Tricks.’

The six of us had a chance to check out the different companies and their schemes. Even though we have in way got our feet in the door it is always nice to see what’s available and how they are different to the scheme we are on. We also had turns to go on the stall and talk about what our scheme is about, how to apply for the next series and the Multimedia Genius Trainee Scheme I was on from September 2015 till November 2015.

During the event I had a chance to go to the room where they were serving refreshments and snacks to talk to people about what I do as a reporter. I also listened to people who came from across the country on what they did. There was an interesting debate about politics and how things are different economically the further north we go from London. The debate also covered why there were fewer working class comedians and comedy programmes. This all sounds like an interesting feature waiting to happen or even a blog.

Towards the end of the RTS event I was walking around handing out the Multimedia Genius Scheme leaflets and talking to people. I also managed to film on my phone for my Vlog and got interviewed by the RTS Film crew about my role at London360 and how important it is to have such events.

Compared to the scheme I am currently on, I consider myself to be very lucky because how many people can say that they have created a show on national television by the age of 25? Most of the schemes offered limited work experience and some companies were there only for promotion. In the past I’ve applied for such schemes and had not much luck but I persevered until I got my first break. It’s all about being passionate and having the confidence to carry things through.

If I wasn’t on the scheme I wouldn’t have found about the RTS and their RTS Futures team either. They have so many other events like this including opportunities to learn new skills and panels from Industry experts.

Finally, it was nice to meet some of the London360 Alumni and former colleagues from the Roundhouse.

Picture by  Paul Hampartsoumian.


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