Jeremy Corbyn MP really likes a good falafel

Written for London360 in March 2016:
Did you know according to The Centre for Turkey Studies, the British Kebab Industry has contributed over £2.2 billion annually to the economy, supporting around 200,000 jobs across restaurants, suppliers and the food industry in the UK?

London360 went to the 4th British Kebab Awards on the 23rd March 2016 which was held at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel. The night was attended by a variety of people including Jeremy Corbyn MP, Keith Vaz MP and London Mayoral Candidate Sadiq Khan. There were also members of the press and radio personalities.

The team interviewed Founder of the awards & The Centre for Turkey Studies, Ibrahim Dogus and one of the judges Altan Kemal. The team also caught up with Mr. Kemal at one of the nominated kebab restaurants before the ceremony to find out how he judges the nominees. There were also opportunities to talk to the people attending the ceremony before it started at the Awards reception.

During the ceremony the awards were handed out to the winners and there was also food and drink served throughout the evening. There was stiff competition between the nominees and those handing out the awards pulled of some jokes to ease the crowd. For example, MP Jeremy Corbyn (leader of the Labour Party) said that he really enjoyed a good falafel as he was a vegetarian.

Towards the end of the ceremony, the team managed to interview two of the winners including Andy Wood (Outstanding Contribution to Kebab Industry). The team also interviewed BBC Radio 1 presenters Scott Mills and Chris Stark and they both talked about what was the best kebab to eat after a break up which was called it a ‘Dirty Doner.’

From Left to Right: BBC Radio 1 Presenter Scott Mills, Reporter Yasmine Tanwidjaja-Pajares, Reporter Savan Gandecha & BBC Radio 1 Presenter Chris Stark.

There was a feature about the British Kebab Awards on BBC One’s programme called ‘The One Show.’ This was presented by BBC Asian Network Breakfast Presenter Tommy Sandhu and the team were caught on camera.

The London360 team on The One Show.

Finally, here is a London360 highlights video of the night.


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