Over 133,000 People Attended MCM Comic Con London

Written for London360 in May 2016:

MCM Comic Con London is one of the largest conventions to take place in the UK and the third largest of its kind in the world. The main one that could dwarf it in size would be San Diego, California, USA. This is because the one in San Diego is the biggest and was the first one in 1970. The convention in the capital takes place twice a year in May and in October, over three days which normally is the last weekend of the month and at the ExCeL Exhibition Centre.

We visited MCM Comic Con on the 27th May 2016 and spent the day exploring and interviewing a variety of people including those dressed up as their favourite characters such as Doctor Who and DC Comic Book Characters. This is known as Cosplay (which means Costume Roleplay) and there were plenty of those in costume.

In our Highlight Montage Video we show the variety of people attending and also shows that it’s a safe place to express yourselves.

We interviewed a British YouTuber called Sammy Paul; he enthusiastically told us about why he goes to Comic Con and why it is such an important place for him.

We also interviewed British YouTube Gaming Channel Network known as The Yogscast. Their main channel in June 2012 was the first in the UK to reach one billion views. Below is the CEO of The Yogscast, Mark Turpin (aka Turps).

Finally, there were 133,156 people who attended the convention in the three days. This was a record breaking attendance compared to last year (October’s 130,560 and May’s 122,600) and the event will return from the 28-30 October 2016!


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