Two Tales of the Underdog: Peter Andre & Charlie Sloth


Written for London360 in May 2016:

Peter Andre and BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Charlie Sloth may not have much in common; but their drive and determination has led them to where they are today. For Charlie, he grew up in a housing estate in Somers Town in London and for Peter; he was born in the London Borough of Harrow but left at the age of six to the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.
With Peter, he grew up with the racism and constant bullying of being the only Ethnic family in the Gold Coast. This led him to learning Kung-Fu and made him more confident. Peter also wanted to perform at Wembley Arena and not becoming an Architect.Charlie had grown up being told that he was a dreamer and felt that society viewed him to be different. By becoming a father at the age of 18 made him more driven to succeed. He also even took over from former BBC 1Xtra Presenter Tim Westwood’s show at the station within three years of joining.

They both gave a masterclass to the Multimedia Genius Trainee Reporters at London360 in West London more about their lives, how they became successful and gave some insightful pieces of advice.

Charlie’s advice was that:

  • You must learn from your mistakes
  • Time is an important thing
  • By having a mood board you can set your own goals; even if they are the littlest of things
  • Having self-belief
  • Perseverance
  • Manage yourself because it is always about first impressions

Finally, Peter’s main piece of advice was: “Don’t be stupid, be smart.”


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