A Fan Story: Doctor Who

Hi Everyone! 🙂

So I was going through my computer and stumbled this Doctor Who Fan Story which I and fellow fans created on a Whovian fan group on Facebook.

Here it is and I think it was from 2011 featuring the 11th Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory Williams and a very special Captain. I  also apologise for any spelling mistakes/grammar errors in advance:

One day in the TARDIS, Amy and Rory were in their room discussing their last adventure with the Doctor.

Rory: So, yesterday was pretty hectic wasn’t it?

Amy: Yeah, you can say that again.

Rory: I mean come on it’s not every day you get to rescue J.R.R Tolkien from evil aliens.

Amy: Well, the Doctor told me he rescued Charles Dickens from these ghost like beings called the Gelph in Victorian Cardiff.

Rory: How come he didn’t say that to me?

Amy: I don’t know! This was before the wedding…

Rory: Don’t start that again. (with a glum look on his face)

Amy: Rory! (Disappointed face)

The Doctor suddenly appeared in the room.

Doctor: Hey Ponds, sorry to disturb your nice little chat but something urgent has just occurred.

Amy: What did you do this time?

Doctor: Nothing of my doing of course Amelia, just was looking of places to go next and the TARDIS landed suddenly right in the middle of the Civil War.

Rory: Which Civil War? Do you mean…

Doctor: Yes Rory, the year is 1648, the English Civil War between Charles the First and Oliver Cromwell. I don’t know why but it was a pretty important year.

Amy: Do you think aliens are involved or something else? Or do you think River is involved in this?

Doctor: Most probably aliens, I doubt River is involved with this because the last time we met was in 1938 when she was all murdering kissing psychopath.

Amy: Well she did save you in the end…

Doctor: Yes that’s true but before we worry about River again, why don’t we all step inside the console room please?

Both Amy and Rory: Ok, let’s go!

Doctor: Excellent (with a huge grin)

*Title sequence comes in*

The Doctor swung madly about his console, his impossible dance with a flash of childish excitement filled the room with glee. The Ponds could only stare, they had seen this so many times, yet never quite understood the happiness it gave the Doctor.

Rory: So what could be taking us back there?

Doctor: Don’t know, it’s like an interstellar wibbly wobbly timey wimey cowboy lassoed us and is pulling us in.

Amy: What if it’s River finally coming to her senses?

Doctor: Impossible. Her mind is fixed on killing me, but something does change that and we probably started it in 1938.

The TARDIS then shook and settled. The Doctor grinned and grabbed his long coat. They all burst out to see a large field on a rainy day.

Doctor: Well this is boring. Why did you bring us here, old girl?

The Ponds turned around and looked at the beauty of it all.

Just then they turned as someone began walking towards them.

A man in an older blue coat and spikey hair walked towards them with a curious look.

Man: Don’t tell me you did it again?

Doctor: Nice to see you too, Captain.

Amy and Rory are still very lost and give each other a curious look.

Amy: Doctor? What’s happened? Where are we?

Rory: Yeah and who’s that?

Doctor: Amy, Rory meet Captain Jack Harkness. (while grinning)

Captain Jack: Enchante (Kissing Amy’s hand)

Rory: Uh, be aware I have a sword with me at all times. (clearly jealous)

Captain Jack: Of course. Pleased to meet you. (shaking Rory’s hand)

Now, down to business. First things first. How many times have you regenerated since we last met?

Doctor: Once. Well regenerated once died twice, wiped out of existence another time.

Captain Jack: Ok… Well you’re needed urgently. This entire 10 mile radius has been found with not a single life form.

Doctor: Well maybe they just left, evacuated before the war got here. (looking unsure)

Captain Jack: But then what about the animals, the insects, the trees. Doctor even the trees are dead, but not a single body can be found. And there’s something else, something that even we can’t make sense of. There are sightings Doctor, sightings of mauve skies, and mauve fields, and mauve trees. And in London Tower Bridge, the Thames all mauve just for a second-(Captain Jack is interrupted by a cannon firing)

The turf at the bottom of the hill they were standing on suddenly flew into the air, spraying the time travellers in grass and mud.

Captain Jack: Looks like the party’s started!

The Doctor, Amy and Rory look one way, and then another way and to their horror, see waves of soldiers coming at them from both directions.

Amy: Please don’t tell me that’s both sides charging towards us!?

The Doctor: Ahh well, think of it this way, maybe one side will try to viciously kill us and the other will be the cavalry.

Rory: And how likely is that?

The Doctor: 100% doubtful. That was just a clever ploy to make you feel slightly reassured.

A couple of stray arrows strike the grass right by them, causing Amy to jump back in fright.

Captain Jack: Given the circumstances, I’d say…

Captain Jack/The Doctor (in unison): TARDIS!

All four turn and run further back up the hill towards the police box; however Amy trips and falls on her face. Suddenly a grenade dating from World War 2; initial surprise is swiftly replaced by panic. Jack is suddenly by her side, picking the grenade up before it has time to detonate and tossing it back down towards the river. As it explodes above the water, a mauve mist appears before fading into the air. Jack helps Amy up and they carry on running. But another explosion sends them to the ground as another cannonball has caused the TARDIS to teeter and totter before falling gracefully over the other side of the hill.

Rory: Not good!

The four reach the edge of what they now realise is a small cliff, the TARDIS well out of reach and impossible to climb down.

Rory: How are we gonna get down there?

The Doctor: One problem at a time Rory, mainly that problem running towards us!

All turn around and see one of the army’s charging towards them, the other force completely wiped out. Some of the soldiers are carrying typical swords and shields whilst others to the Doctor’s complete shock are carrying Anti-Tank Rockets (ATR).

Captain Jack: Oh yeah, that was the other thing not right about this place. They’ve got 20th Century weapons.

Amy: Yeah, bit late to tell us that now!

Captain Jack: Time for Plan B!

Jack grabs the Doctor and Amy’s hand, Rory grabbing Amy’s other hand instinctively even though he doesn’t know why. A second later, he feels a tingling sensation as the four start to twist and warp before vanishing to the surprise of the soldiers who have to stop themselves from falling off the cliff.

*Cut to a forest*

The four reappear in a small but once more quiet forest, all the trees are dead. Rory gives Jack a look and he let’s go of Amy’s hand before giving a little smirk and smacking Rory in the back.

Rory: Did some of those men have some heavy weaponry or I am dreaming again?

Captain Jack: Fraid not, soldiers of Oliver Cromwell all have modern day weaponry. No idea how they’ve got them, all I know is Charles’s men have been really pulverised ever since they obtained the rockets and bombs.

The Doctor: Not good at all then, someone’s obviously manipulating the time lines, giving the humans more advanced weaponry. But giving the side that will ultimately win anyway is an odd move, thought it be the other side who’d have the big guns. I wonder… couldn’t be…

Amy: Whatever they’ve got, how did we all zap from there to here?

Jack pulls back his coat sleeve to reveal…

Captain Jack: Vortex Manipulator. Basic time-travelling device, can also teleport with it, attractive and functional (he says in a way that he’s showing off to Amy)

The Doctor: Not a time machine! Space hopper can’t beat Sexy. Still though, that teleportation was smoother than the last time.

The Doctor then suddenly slaps himself in the face before turning on Jack.

The Doctor: I disabled that! Can’t have a bouncing wibbly wobbly time machine working! How did you get that thing working again? More to the point what are you doing in this time period?

Jack looks concerned once more as though the Doctor has asked an awkward question.

Captain Jack: What you have to understand firstly, Doctor…

Amy: Err… rockets and grenades are all good, but I think these swords pointing at us are still fairly lethal.

The Doctor and Jack spin round to see soldiers of Charles pointing their swords at each of their chests. All four raise their hands as the soldiers draw the swords back and prepare to strike them down…

Well that’s where the document ends; not sure how it would finish off as the group was deleted soon afterwards. If anyone wants to continue the story, feel free to let me know and send it to me please.

See you all soon!




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