VidCon EU 2017 Afterthoughts Blog

Hi Everyone! 🙂

This was going to be an afterthoughts vlog but I found it really hard to convey my points over in video form. I also tried to record the vlog at least 3-4 times before deciding to write this.

So I went to Amsterdam in the Netherlands last week to attend VidCon Europe 2017 (from the 7th till the 10th April 2017). The trip was so amazing and I have never felt so inspired to create content and become so positive. This is because I met so many people and became friends too; I also met my favourite creators who I look up to and admire their content. I also flew with British Airways for the first time since 2013 which was a nice experience and was the second time in 6 months I have left the country on my own.

The highlight of the trip was the creator chats with Bertie Gilbert and Jack & Dean. This was because it was so intimate, personal and I gained some useful tips and advice which would help me in my YouTube adventure.

The only downside was one creator panel on how to build an audience. It had stuff which I already knew thanks to meeting experts and being a part of the London Small YouTubers network. I left just as they were taking questions from the audience and wasn’t the only one leaving. There were panels and workshops which people left throughout the entire convention, but I assume this happens all the time at VidCon.

I didn’t have much time to explore the city because of focusing on VidCon but will visit the Netherlands again hopefully in the next year or so and explore. I might do a travel vlog series too like the Japan one in October 2016, but we will see. I will also buy an Anonymous Card which is like an Oyster Card which you top up and use on the transport system in Amsterdam.

There were funny moments too like being on German TV just asking TomSka what random funny fact he would like to share for my new vlog series.

As an Autistic person it was at times very overwhelming but being surrounded by positive people helped a lot. I also had my friends reminding me to eat and keep myself hydrated and I appreciated that a lot. I made sure that I planned out my day out, put enough time to rest and look after myself.

I will be going to SITC (Summer in the City) this August for the whole three days where I will be asking different creators what their random funny facts are which they would like to share with the world. I might be going to MCM Comic Con London this year because after VidCon it just doesn’t really appeal to me anymore as a content creator. I loved the past events but just want to focus on VidCon and SITC from now on. Also I hope to attend the main VidCon in LA, USA next year and will see if they do one in Amsterdam again.

Regards to my trip Japan:

  • I am learning Japanese and hope to be fluent to a certain extent
  • I want to spend two weeks in Kyoto visiting my favourite places and exploring new ones
  •  Finally, I want to explore the food scene especially being a vegetarian

Finally, feel free to check out below what happened in Amsterdam:

Take care guys!

See you all soon!



(Updated May 2017)


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