Please Don’t Watch ATypical

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Recently, this video has been going around on Twitter and well lets say the autistic community is not too happy about that, and this post is going to explain why. The TV show follows an autistic male (white, cis, straight, etc.) who wants a sexual relationship with a girl. It was written by a woman, who isn’t autistic, with an autistic relative. I believe the actor playing the autistic male is also not autistic. It’s already not a good start.

atypicalAutistic Stereotypes 

Autistic stereotypes are spread throughout the media constantly, and are very harmful to autistic people. It can prevent autistic people who do not fit the stereotypes from being diagnosed and receiving the help they need, being believed by peers or family members, and even being abused, harassed or even killed for showing autistic behaviors in public.

Some examples of stereotypes can be:

  • A white male
  • Unable to…

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