My Top 10 Tips On Attending Your First Ever Comic Con

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I’ve been asked by the lovely folks over at The Amazing Las Vegas Comic Convention to write about some tips for those attending their first ever Con!

I’ve learnt a lot from attending it which I want to pass onto those who are new to these sort of events.

Here are my top 10 tips:

  1. Do try and make friends at the Con. This is because it’ll be less scary and more enjoyable for yourself.
  2. Don’t be a creep to cosplayers as they’re people too. These people are open to being filmed and having their photographs taken as long as you are nice and ask their permission to do so.
  3. Do try and take as many breaks as you can. This is especially for those who find big and crowded places a bit too overwhelming.
  4. Do plan your day out properly. If you are there for the whole event, don’t try and cram everything into a short period of time.
  5. Don’t overspend. I know it’s very tempting to buy every single favourite thing of yours but Cons can get very pricey. Having a budget can help you plan better.
  6. Do bring portable chargers. This is just incase your phone or camera battery dies and there is no available charging point.
  7. Do follow the rules of the Con. This is mainly because its in place for your own safety and of others too.
  8. Don’t be an idiot. Do enjoy yourself but be respectful and mindful of others who are also there attending the convention too.
  9. Do use the wifi if you can. If there is free wifi at the convention it can save battery life and data. Also, do make sure that the connection is strong and isn’t too slow due to others using it.
  10. Finally, don’t be afraid to cosplay if you want to and wear something you feel comfortable in!

I hope these tips are helpful 🙂

If you are attending The Amazing Las Vegas Convention do enjoy yourselves and feel free to check out this website out.

Finally, feel free to check out what I’ve been up to on my YouTube Channel SavanFilms!

See you all soon!



(Featured Image: Savan G Photography)


London360 List Blog: “The Music Industry was like Mars to Me,”: Alesha Dixon

Hi Everyone! 🙂

Here is my list I did for London360 in October 2015 about London360 Ambassador Alesha Dixon:

Alesha Dixon is a London360 Ambassador, Judge on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent Show and Singer. She visited the Media Trust in West London on the 13th October 2015 and gave a Press Conference for London360 Multimedia Genius Trainee Journalists.

Alesha talked about her new album called “Do It For Love,” her life so far and her achievements to date. She talked about her time at BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, how she overcame the attacks made by the Press and how this made who she is now.

She is a mother and balances her time with running her own record label. Alesha has support from her mother when she and her partner are busy. She is also a big fan of surprises but was surprised when the Trainee Journalists wished her a happy birthday towards the end of the conference.

Here are Alesha’s top ten pieces of advice:

  1. Always aim for longevity and try to live your life as best as you can.
  1. Follow your own intuition and instinct.
  1. Who you are counts on what you do and treat people respectfully.
  1. Be determined to break the mould. This is because the Music Industry could be like Mars for you.
  1. You have to learn on the job because it is not easy.
  1. Don’t ever compromise your creative and instinctive ability.
  1. Be true to yourself as an artist.
  1. If your soul knows what you want to say for a song, you must find a way to facilitate it.
  1. The industry can knock you out but try and de-attach from it.
  1. Finally, look at the fear as an opportunity to move forward and life is too short so take risks more.

Before Alesha left, she was asked about whether former bandmates from Mis-Teeq and her will do a reunion tour. She said she wouldn’t rule it out and will only do it for the right reasons.


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London360 List Blog: How to be a Powerful Public Speaker

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Here is my list I did for London360 in October 2015 about Public Speaker Naomi Sesay:

Naomi Sesay is an Author, Professional Speaker and Wealth Creator who visited the Media Trust in West London on the 7th October 2015. She gave a session on the power of public speaking to London360 Multimedia Genius Trainee Journalists.

Here are her top ten pieces of advice on how to be a powerful public speaker:

  1. Body Language is 55% of communication. This is so important as is your image, presence, poise and projection. From the moment you leave the door of your house you are on stage.
  1. Your voice is also important. This is because people can detect a lot of things from it. Words, articulation, vernacular and projection are also important too. Did you know that on average we only use 500 words to describe our day?
  1. Remember that people like people who are like themselves. Having a common language also helps.
  1. Having a strong verbal language can help you become stronger. Things like register, timbre (tone) and prosody (melody) are very useful. Not forgetting your pace, pitch and volume can help too.
  1. When public speaking:
  • Know your subject.
  • Know your audience.
  • Know your style.
  1. Silence is a powerful tool and use it to your advantage. By moving across the stage/room will also keep your audience focused on you.
  1. Having an identity is key. Remember these questions:
  • Who are you?
  • What do you believe in?
  • How do you see yourself?
  • How do you think others see you?
  1. Make sure that your public identity and personal identity are completely separate from each other.
  1. Be unique, be confident and be true to yourself.
  1. Finally, there are different levels of leadership. These are:
  • Self Leadership.
  • Community Leadership.
  • Servant Leadership.
  • Call to Action.
  • Movement & Tribes.


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London360 List Blog: Bianca Acca: “I Was Answering Phones for My Parents, Now I’m Director of International Talent & Music for MTV.”

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Here is my list I did for London360 in October 2015 about Bianca Acca:

On the 5th October 2015, Director of International Talent & Music for MTV, Bianca Acca visited the Media Trust in West London. She gave a Masterclass to London360 Multimedia Genius Trainee Journalists.

I found the Masterclass to be very insightful into what happens at MTV. Bianca’s first experience of work was when she used to answer the phones for her parents. She still worked throughout University by doing Radio at Riverside Studios in Hammersmith, London and having work experience with Virgin Records.

She got her first role at MTV as a Temp in the Sales department. Whilst there she had an interview for a role in the Talent department. When asked during the interview what she would be doing afterwards, she said she would be waiting in the reception area and ready to start the job the next day. Bianca did get the job and eventually led her to what she is doing to this present day.

Here are her ten pieces of advice she gave to those wanting to work with the likes of MTV:

  1. You need to learn that every audience market is different all over the world.
  1. Go onto sites like LinkedIn and contact people who work for companies you are interested in. Your approach to these people must be short and to the point.
  1. Put yourself out there and don’t just focus on the big companies. Find agencies, small production companies and even do temp work.
  1. Find your own path and also find your own niche.
  1. Get the key skills because this will make you more employable.
  1. Remember that every company have different cultures but culture is very important.
  1. Go to places that fit you and your personality.
  1. You have to have the ability to sleep for two hours as work can take you anywhere.
  1. By visiting different countries and their cultures can help you to deal with people better.
  1. Finally, always keep your rejection emails and letters because this should motivate you to reach your goal.


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London360 List Blog: Aaron Roach Bridgeman: “Wake Up Everyday and Enjoy Something You Love.”

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Here is my list I did for London360 in October 2015 about Aaron Roach Bridgeman:

On the 5th October 2015, SBTV Presenter Aaron Roach Bridgeman visited the Media Trust in West London. He gave a Presenting Masterclass to London360 Multimedia Genius Trainee Journalists.

Aaron was originally from Harlesden in Northwest London and currently lives in Kenton, London. He became a SBTV Presenter when he successfully auditioned for the role and he is also a Spoken Word Artist.

His very first interview on SBTV was with Pop Artist Kelly Rowland and the video had over 500,000 views. He especially enjoyed interviewing Olympic Athlete Usain Bolt and Comedian Kevin Hart. His proudest moment was when his dad came from Barbados in the Caribbean to see him perform live.

Here are his top ten pieces of advice on how to succeed in the industry:

  1. Always stay professional and keep yourself focused.
  1. Make what you do your own and push yourself.
  1. The network you build around you becomes your net-worth. This can help you in the future.
  1. Helping others can help build yourself by passing off your skills.
  1. Be prepared to deal with things that are unexpected as change happens.
  1. Watch and observe closely the professional presenters on TV. For example, Reggie Yates, Adrian Chiles, Davina McCall and Miquita Oliver.
  1. Look out for online, underground or fresh starting companies that are willing to take on presenters. You must research, get in contact, get yourself inside the mix and working.
  1. Research is very important whether be it a live show or when interviewing somebody.
  1. By doing vocal exercises it will help get the mouth free. For example, young people tend to slur through the over usage of slang.
  1. Finally, remember to be yourself and maintain a natural personable nature.


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London360 List Blog: From Blogger to Journalist: Rosa Doherty’s Dos & Don’ts of Blogging

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Here is my list I did for London360 in September 2015 about Rosa Doherty:

“When you are in the moment you are at your most passionate.”

Rosa Doherty is a Journalist for the Huffington Post and the Jewish Chronicle who visited the Media Trust in West London on the 23rd September 2015. She talked to London360 Multimedia Genius Trainee Journalists on how to be successful in blogging.

Here are her ten pieces of advice on blogging:

  1. Always prove your points across in your blogs when you have your own opinions. Also always quote the source of your facts when trying to prove your points.
  1. Always keep your readers engaged and be unique.
  1. Be careful when doing topics that involve controversy and know when you cross the line.
  1. Promote what you are blogging and be the first to release things. For example, if Beyoncé released a new music video, be the first one to blog about it as you are more likely to be seen.
  1. Think about the other blogs you read and take your blog to the next level.
  1. When doing a partnership with a well known brand, there are many perks but remember it doesn’t always pay the bills.
  1. Be who you want to be and have your own style.
  1. If you want to code your own blog either get a friend who specialises with coding. If you don’t have a friend to help you then don’t make it too complicated for yourself.
  1. Always play around with set templates and themes on free blog websites.
  1. Be prepared to have discussions on your blogs as everyone has different opinions to yourself.


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London360 List Blog: The Life of a Fashion Stylist: Richard Shoyemi’s Advice on Succeeding in Fashion

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I did this list for London360 in September 2015 about Richard Shoyemi:

Richard Shoyemi is a Fashion Stylist from Shoreditch in East London. He visited the Media Trust in West London to give a Masterclass to London360 Multimedia Trainee Journalists on how to succeed in the Fashion Industry.

He gives ten pieces of advice on how to succeed in Fashion:

  1. You are a brand yourself. Always look at yourself and how you look is important.
  1. Check out a wide variety of Fashion Magazines and Fashion sections in Newspapers. Richard’s favourite magazine is the Italian Vogue because it is not boring and it is diverse.
  1. Always remember when working with celebrities that they have their own styles. You need to understand what they want and try to get the best of both worlds.
  1. Love what you do even though at times this can be very hard. However, you must persevere.
  1. Always deliver what is best for your client’s brand and remember that you have a lot of people to answer to.
  1. Dedication is the key to success and always be on the ball because styling in Fashion is like drawing a cartoon.
  1. If you can’t get certain accessories when doing a Fashion Shoot (be it for TV, Radio, Magazine, etc.) you have to be creative and create your own.
  1. Get as much inspiration as possible because you never know that it might be used in a future Fashion Shoot. For example, one of Richard’s Shoots was in a Graveyard on Halloween. His inspiration for this was when he was driving through a Forest.
  1. Richard mentions about hating on trends and tells us that to succeed you have to become the trend.
  1. Remember that the camera always picks up everything. Even though re-touching photographs are costly you must perfect it no matter what before releasing them to magazines, newspapers and websites.


“There is nothing wrong to express yourself.”


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