SavanFilms: Update Vlog Ft. Yasmine TP

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Here’s an important SavanFilms Update Vlog featuring my close friend Yasmine Tanwidjaja-Pajares:

Feel free to like and comment below. Also there are five more videos scheduled every two days till the 3rd October 2016.

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Top 5 Video Games & Top 4 Anime Shows

Written for London360 in June 2016:

It’s no secret that I love watching Japanese cartoons known as Anime and playing Video Games. My very first video game was Pokemon Red when I was eight years old and my very first console was the GameBoy Color. The very first Anime I watched was a given (Pokemon) and watched it on Sky 1 religiously every day after school.

So here are my Top 5 Video Games:

5) Sims 4 – I’ve played the franchise since Sims 2 on the GameCube and still miss the story mode. However, the recent game has done an excellent job with their latest update of having more LGBT Characters and no gender-specific clothing.

Sims 4

4) Mario Kart – I’ve played the gaming series since I was eight on the N64 in Sydney, Australia. I still play the game with family or on my own with the Wii version or on my 3DS. I will challenge anyone of my friends who can beat me on Rainbow Road (the friendship destroyer).

Luigi Mario Kart

3) League of Legends – This was introduced to me during my final year of University and used to play it as one of the support characters. It was a challenging but fun game playing with friends or even random strangers shouting at me for being a noob (Newbie).

League of Legends

2) Minecraft – Also introduced to me through friends who played the game and went through adventure maps. I even featured in a few videos and had a short spell as a video game commentator. I still play the game and have created some worlds within the sandbox game.


1) Pokemon – Fell in love with the games and still play them to this very day. I am looking forward to the latest ones coming out in late 2016 called Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Pokemon 1

Here are my Top 4 Anime Shows:

4) Beyblade – During high school there was a lot of interest in this Anime show and I had my own collection of spin-tops with blades which were also a part of the show. There were battles in the school corridors and they were actually banned too.


3) Digimon – There were always comparisons between this show and Pokemon. I liked both but Pokemon was way better with their games. The one thing I loved about Digimon was the catchy show tune.


2) Pokemon – I just lost interest after the Hoenn episodes but enjoy watching the latest ones in Japanese with English Subtitles.

Pokemon 2

1) DragonBall Z – Hands down my favourite Anime of all time and grew up watching it during high school and into College. Not even DragonBall and DragonBall GT could beat this. Let’s forget that there was even a live-action Hollywood Movie.

DragonBall z

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Showreel: December 2015 – June 2016 (From Website)

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So an update on what’s happening…

I’ve left London360 as it is the end of my time there after six amazing months.

Here’s the link to my website with the Showreel and a special message to those at London360 and

Showreel and Message



The EU Referendum Result: How have Young People Reacted?

Written for London360 in June 2016:

On Thursday 23rd June 2016, the UK had a Referendum of a generation. The question was simple, should we either remain in the EU or leave?

In the early morning of the 24th June 2016 there was some shock that the country had decided to leave the EU, where many thought we would remain in the union. The British Prime Minster (PM) David Cameron also announced that he would resign in October 2016 and we will have a new PM. There was also news that the Opposition Party Leader, Jeremy Corbyn has been given a vote of no confidence by his own MPs.

The Referendum also had a national turnout of 72.2% and the results were:

Leave: 51.9% (17,410,742)
Remain: 48.1% (16,141,241)

On Twitter the hashtag #WhatHaveWeDone was trending across the UK and news sites such as Metro UK wrote articles featuring Tweets from many Young People feeling frustrated about the results.


Finally, the country is heading into uncharted waters and who knows what will happen over the coming weeks and months.

How South Asian Women Are Blogging Against Stereotypes

Written for London360 in June 2016:

South Asia comprises of Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and the Maldives. Over the years, many people migrated to many places including the United Kingdom (UK), seeking a better life or even fleeing from conflicts such as the Partition of India and 1972 expulsion from Uganda in East Africa.

The South Asian Women Bloggers Network was set up to help those who recently have migrated from the region and also for those born in the UK of South Asian origin. The network also gives these women an opportunity to tell their stories of stereotypes and issues faced by living and working in London.

In Central London, the bloggers network met, discussed their blogs and the issues they have faced so far. The issues discussed were on Mental Health, Relationships, Sex and the Stereotypes associated with women of South Asian Origin. For example one blogger talked about her experience of being a working mum of two kids who writes blogs.

We interviewed three of the bloggers during the event and these were:

Chayya Syal is a Broadcast Journalist & Blogger and writes on a variety of issues which are normally a taboo with the South Asian Community. Her blog is called Avid Scribbler.


(Chayya Syal)

Anupama Nagarajakumar is a Food Blogger and writes about healthy Indian meals which are in the UK Top 100 Food Blogs. Her blog is called Easy Bites Online.


(Anupama Nagarajakumar)

We talked to Sharan Dhaliwal owns the Burnt Roti Magazine which is a magazine created by South Asians, about South Asian talent. They also cover things like make up tips, new music, art and celebrity news.


(Sharan Dhaliwal)

Finally, all three of these women encouraged other women of South Asian origin to blog and talk about these issues but also to have fun and find courage to share it with the world not just in London.

(This project is one of the 12 migrant and diaspora community groups taking part in MyLondon media skills training programme funded by Trust for London. Learn more about MyLondon here.)

London360: Westside 89.6 FM Specials – #HipHopLifeLessons

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Here are the Westside 89.6 FM Specials from London360’s Series 10 #HipHopLifeLessons with DJ Illatek:

Also Yasmine’s Podcast on the representation of Asian Artists in the Mainstream:

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Over 133,000 People Attended MCM Comic Con London

Written for London360 in May 2016:

MCM Comic Con London is one of the largest conventions to take place in the UK and the third largest of its kind in the world. The main one that could dwarf it in size would be San Diego, California, USA. This is because the one in San Diego is the biggest and was the first one in 1970. The convention in the capital takes place twice a year in May and in October, over three days which normally is the last weekend of the month and at the ExCeL Exhibition Centre.

We visited MCM Comic Con on the 27th May 2016 and spent the day exploring and interviewing a variety of people including those dressed up as their favourite characters such as Doctor Who and DC Comic Book Characters. This is known as Cosplay (which means Costume Roleplay) and there were plenty of those in costume.

In our Highlight Montage Video we show the variety of people attending and also shows that it’s a safe place to express yourselves.

We interviewed a British YouTuber called Sammy Paul; he enthusiastically told us about why he goes to Comic Con and why it is such an important place for him.

We also interviewed British YouTube Gaming Channel Network known as The Yogscast. Their main channel in June 2012 was the first in the UK to reach one billion views. Below is the CEO of The Yogscast, Mark Turpin (aka Turps).

Finally, there were 133,156 people who attended the convention in the three days. This was a record breaking attendance compared to last year (October’s 130,560 and May’s 122,600) and the event will return from the 28-30 October 2016!