Thorpe Park Vlog

Hi everyone! 🙂
This week’s Vlog was all about my trip to Thorpe Park Theme Park in Surrey, England. This was a planned trip with my cousins and two brothers on Sunday 26th August 2012. It was a very hot day and fortunately it didn’t rain but most of them managed to get soaked on Tidal Wave. I avoided that ride but managed to get soaked on Logger’s Leap (going on it twice). We all had a lot fun and hoping this would become an annual get-together where we could potentially explore other Theme Parks or Visitor attractions across the UK.

Now this Vlog is where my cousin Neer challenges one of my other cousin’s friends Gurdeep to a friendly fight in one of those balance fighting arenas found in the theme park. I did do a video of the fam going around a tea-cup ride but there was a high chance somebody watching would get motion sickness due to the constant spinning right from the start. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind putting it up but it will most probably be in another blog and the video will only be found on that post and not on YouTube.

Here is the Vlog:

Now after that we weren’t sure who had actually won even though Team Blue and Team Yellow were tied. This debate continued well into the night and it’s now up to you the reader to decide. You can either write on the comment section below or Tweet with the link to this blog with hashtags #TeamBlue or #TeamYellow (also mention me (@SavanGandecha)  in that tweet so I count the vote). If you are on Facebook then share the vote with the video which can be found here. YouTubers can get on in the act by commenting on the video on my channel.

Later on this week I’ll be releasing my Doctor Who Series 7 Vlog Review featuring “Asylum of the Daleks” and “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.” This will also include future Vlog post updates and more about on what Gaming Series I could potentially film during my free time. Plus more development on my Minecraft Project (watch this space!)

Hope you enjoyed that Vlog and thank you.




New Stuff on the Radio and February’s & March’s Video Blogs

Hi everyone!

In late January I had my first big interview with Comedian Gareth Richards (Russell Howard’s Good News and Edinburgh Fringe Festival) and also was very lucky to have an interview with Irish Comedian Jarlath Regan at the University’s Student Pub (Ele House) on Comedy Night.

In regards to my video blogs, at the end of this month I will be putting up a vlog (a.k.a video blog) update on my progress so far. In March I will be putting a vlog about current environmental issues and a wildlife photography slideshow too. I will also update my Radio Show Videos and Podcasts Blog till May 2012.

Here’s the new stuff:

Interview with Gareth Richards:

Interview with Jarlath Regan:

Thanks and hope you enjoy them 🙂



Update (28/02/2012): Vlog for February will be uploaded this Saturday.

Update 2 (June 2013): No more Jingle. I am now volunteering for Radio Northwick Park.