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How South Asian Women Are Blogging Against Stereotypes

Written for London360 in June 2016:

South Asia comprises of Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and the Maldives. Over the years, many people migrated to many places including the United Kingdom (UK), seeking a better life or even fleeing from conflicts such as the Partition of India and 1972 expulsion from Uganda in East Africa.

The South Asian Women Bloggers Network was set up to help those who recently have migrated from the region and also for those born in the UK of South Asian origin. The network also gives these women an opportunity to tell their stories of stereotypes and issues faced by living and working in London.

In Central London, the bloggers network met, discussed their blogs and the issues they have faced so far. The issues discussed were on Mental Health, Relationships, Sex and the Stereotypes associated with women of South Asian Origin. For example one blogger talked about her experience of being a working mum of two kids who writes blogs.

We interviewed three of the bloggers during the event and these were:

Chayya Syal is a Broadcast Journalist & Blogger and writes on a variety of issues which are normally a taboo with the South Asian Community. Her blog is called Avid Scribbler.


(Chayya Syal)

Anupama Nagarajakumar is a Food Blogger and writes about healthy Indian meals which are in the UK Top 100 Food Blogs. Her blog is called Easy Bites Online.


(Anupama Nagarajakumar)

We talked to Sharan Dhaliwal owns the Burnt Roti Magazine which is a magazine created by South Asians, about South Asian talent. They also cover things like make up tips, new music, art and celebrity news.


(Sharan Dhaliwal)

Finally, all three of these women encouraged other women of South Asian origin to blog and talk about these issues but also to have fun and find courage to share it with the world not just in London.

(This project is one of the 12 migrant and diaspora community groups taking part in MyLondon media skills training programme funded by Trust for London. Learn more about MyLondon here.)