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So an update on what’s happening…

I’ve left London360 as it is the end of my time there after six amazing months.

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Notting Hill’s Zero-waste Restaurant

Written for London360 in February 2016:

I visited a pop-up restaurant called Tiny Leaf in Notting Hill on the 3rd February 2016 with one of my fellow reporters. This was so we could check out the place before my very first shoot as a Director and Producer on the 8th February 2016. We were treated to a fine dining experience and learnt that their food and drinks was locally sourced and sustainable. The restaurant also focused on being organic, vegetarian and had vegan options too. Being vegetarian myself this was another opportunity to try out something new.

We also discovered that the menu changes every day due to whether the local suppliers had surplus stock that the restaurant could use. For example, one week they had 160 mangoes (from 10 boxes) and another week they had 144 punnets of blueberries to use. None of the food and drink is wasted and they ensure that they have a zero-waste policy in place. If you couldn’t finish the food they had biodegradable boxes which could be taken home.

The waiting staff and bar staff were really friendly and they served us alkaline water, two elixirs, cocktails, starters, mains and desserts to share. We also had a chance to tour the venue which included the ground floor bistro, two botanical bars and a private dining function room.

During the evening we also had an opportunity to meet one of the founders and Marketing Director Alice Gilsenan. Even though our meeting was brief, I saw the passion within her and the staff who served us during our visit.

(Picture taken by Yasmine Tanwidjaja-Pajares).

On the day of the shoot I was helped by the reporter who came with me and one of the other reporters from the team. We met up with Alice and the two other founders Justin Horne (Chef) and Jonathan Krauss (General Manager).

The interviews went smoothly and I learnt more about what the pop-up restaurant and what their aims and ambitions were. It was fascinating to also learn that they were as passionate about the environment, sustainability and not wasting food like myself. I also had a chance to interview on of the bartenders who was very passionate about working at the restaurant and was very insightful on what he brought to Tiny Leaf.

Before the shoot was over, we managed to get two interviews from people passing by the restaurant. I also found out that the pop-up was only running until the 4th April 2016 and if successful they could actually have a permanent place to run.

Finally, I really hope that they continue to be successful and hopefully this could lead to more sustainable and organic restaurants across the city.

From Left to Right: Luis Cortes and Co-Founders Johnathan Krauss, Alice Gilsenan & Justin Horne.

(Photo taken by Savan Gandecha).


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So I was meant to do a blog about my new role at London360. I’ve been very busy and have created a number of blogs which I will share on here (over a period of a week). I have also so far created one feature about the zero-waste pop-up called Tiny Leaf:

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