My Top 10 Tips On Attending Your First Ever Comic Con

Hi Everyone! 🙂

I’ve been asked by the lovely folks over at The Amazing Las Vegas Comic Convention to write about some tips for those attending their first ever Con!

I’ve learnt a lot from attending it which I want to pass onto those who are new to these sort of events.

Here are my top 10 tips:

  1. Do try and make friends at the Con. This is because it’ll be less scary and more enjoyable for yourself.
  2. Don’t be a creep to cosplayers as they’re people too. These people are open to being filmed and having their photographs taken as long as you are nice and ask their permission to do so.
  3. Do try and take as many breaks as you can. This is especially for those who find big and crowded places a bit too overwhelming.
  4. Do plan your day out properly. If you are there for the whole event, don’t try and cram everything into a short period of time.
  5. Don’t overspend. I know it’s very tempting to buy every single favourite thing of yours but Cons can get very pricey. Having a budget can help you plan better.
  6. Do bring portable chargers. This is just incase your phone or camera battery dies and there is no available charging point.
  7. Do follow the rules of the Con. This is mainly because its in place for your own safety and of others too.
  8. Don’t be an idiot. Do enjoy yourself but be respectful and mindful of others who are also there attending the convention too.
  9. Do use the wifi if you can. If there is free wifi at the convention it can save battery life and data. Also, do make sure that the connection is strong and isn’t too slow due to others using it.
  10. Finally, don’t be afraid to cosplay if you want to and wear something you feel comfortable in!

I hope these tips are helpful 🙂

If you are attending The Amazing Las Vegas Convention do enjoy yourselves and feel free to check out this website out.

Finally, feel free to check out what I’ve been up to on my YouTube Channel SavanFilms!

See you all soon!



(Featured Image: Savan G Photography)