SavanFilms June 2017 Update Blog

Hi Everyone! 🙂

This was originally going to be an update vlog on my channel. To be honest I had recorded it around 12 times since Sunday 11th June 2017 and yesterday (13th June 2017) it took two hours to film the 11th and 12th take. I wasn’t happy with them so I’ve decided to blog it instead.

Here are the things I wanted to talk about in my vlog:

1) Event Highlights Vlogs:

I have been doing them since September 2016 and I would love to continue this. There are so many events happening across the Capital and it’s not easy to keep up. If there is anything of interest and it’s during an evening or weekend I will plan to attend it. I  also normally get my recommendations from friends/family, the Londonist, Secret London, London On The Inside and Time Out London.

Some events like the #PowerPuffLondon pop-up store in Soho will be shared on my Instagram and Twitter from now on where I aim to show montages within a minute. Events I attend with the London Small YouTubers (LSY) will be put on the channel and teasers will be shared on Instagram and Twitter with a link to the full vlog. You can check out the last event vlog I did with LSY here.


2) The Three Current Main Vlog Series:

I hope you are enjoying the Random Funny Facts, #AutismWithSav & #StoryTimeWithSav vlog series so far.

With Random Funny Facts I will try and film when I can where there are fellow creators. This will include YouTube Space London Events/Workshops (depends when I can attend and how I’m feeling too), VidCon EU (if still going ahead next year onwards), SitC (Summer in the City) (going all three days this year and next year 1 day) and LSY Meet Ups (Depends on where it is held and whether I can film). The whole point of the series is to discover new creators and find out something you didn’t know about a certain creator you may or may not follow too. I do make an editorial decision whether a fact is funny, too weird or plain boring.

I will also do these vlogs to raise awareness on issues I’m passion about such as Mental Health Awareness Week, Autism Awareness Week and Pride Month. With these you will discover a variety of people who will state what they have or identify as and their random/fun fact about themselves.

I aim to have at least 5 people for the people one and at least 10 people for the creators one. If I get more than 20 people for the creators then I will split the vlogs accordingly and will aim to release them asap.

#AutismWithSav has been a great way of raising awareness of my gift and I still aim to be a role model and a voice for those with the gift. The series also informs those who aren’t Autistic and I hope that this helps them understand about my gift too.

There are still 7 main topics for this year to be filmed and released each month. This month I will be talking about travelling around the world which I’m looking forward to record and release. There are still many things that I can cover and talk about for as long as I can do it. If you have any topics or ideas on what I should do for 2018 please let me know. I have some off-topic ones I want to still do this year too and will let you know via Instagram and Twitter when they’re out.

Now onto #StoryTimeWithSav! This wasn’t expected to do as well as the other two main vlog series. I do it for the passion and want to share it with the world. I also still want to talk about my geek passions and funny incidents that have occurred in the past. I have it all planned out till December and will decide in January 2018 whether to continue this. This month (June 2017) is about Pokemon and why I love them so much.

3) Autism Merch:

I’ve been thinking about this for some time and thanks to one of my friends I’ve come to a decision recently. I am not doing this for a profit but to raise awareness for those with the gift. It’ll start off with the wristbands called #AutsimPride and T-Shirts with the hashtag further down the line. Here is a Twitter Poll for the colours (expires on the 16th June 2017)!

If I do find an online shop which is approved by YouTube then most of the profits from the t-shirt would go towards a UK Autism Charity and production of the wristbands. The wristbands will be handed out at events I attend and I’ll be wearing one too. They are for people with the gift and those who support people like me (be it a friend, family member or partner of an Autistic Person).

I will update when there is further progress and will post any designs via Instagram and Twitter.

4) Comedy Sketches:

I seem to have a knack for these and so far have written 8 in a month or so. I hope to release at least two by the end of this year. I am looking forward to working with my fellow creators and friends in producing these! 😀

I hopefully will release short teasers via Instagram and Twitter too when they’re out. I will also slightly change my about page to include “dabble in short films and comedy.”

5) Short Films:

Talking about short films, I released my first one for 2017 after a break which you can find here. There should hopefully be another one released this Friday/Saturday called “Why London is No Longer Home?” This is a serious thought provoking one where I question why the place I was born and brought up doesn’t feel like that anymore. It’ll feature some fellow creators towards the end of the short film. I originally filmed this in April 2017.

The third one is called “What If?” It explores the decision of why I went to Hertfordshire than Brighton University. It’ll be filmed in Brighton and I hope to release it by October 2017 latest.

I will hopefully release one more short film by the end of the year but not sure what it’ll be about or called. Will update when a decision has been made!

6) Quantum Dating:

Where to begin with this massive project? It came about when being asked to pitch to Noel Clarke in November 2015 called “Ghosted.” In October 2016 I decided to make progress on it and people were receptive to the idea. Filming was meant to start in March 2017 and out by April 2017 but my close friend and I hadn’t done a proper script and treatment.

The good news is that the treatment was done last month (May 2017) but have put it on hold for now.

7) Japan:

I am hoping to go back in December 2017 for at least a week in Kyoto and another week doing day trips to the surrounding cities. I can push it back to 2018 too depending on the job situation.

There is a lot of red tape to work and live in the country and that has put me off for now. I would love to teach English as a teacher but not sure how with my Autism I will cope with being away from close friends and family for that long. Being vegetarian isn’t much of an issue in cities like Kyoto and Tokyo but more of an issue if I go to another city I’m not familiar with.

However, I am hoping to go at least once a year to Kyoto as a holiday and the city has a home feeling to it. I am also learning Japanese properly this time with Duolingo after a disaster with Memrise. I hope to be fluent in Japanese by the end of the year and it’ll be my second main language (proper) after English.

8) Travel Vlogs:

Whenever I go across the country or abroad I will try and do highlights of the trip/holiday and release it on the channel. There will be photos, boomerangs, stories on Instagram throughout and teasers when the vlogs are out. There will be moments on Twitter too. Please do check out my first official travel vlog series when I last went to Japan in October 2017.

9) Schedule:

For Random Funny Facts Vlogs it depends when I film it but the next main one is London Pride in July 2017 and SitC in August 2017. Will be released around 8pm (UK) Time.

For the #AutismWithSav Vlogs I aim to release them on a Friday at around 8pm (UK Time). The main topic ones are released once a month but the off-topic ones depends on when I film them.

For the #StoryTimeWithSav Vlogs I aim to release them on a Monday at around 8pm (UK Time) every month.

The short films I try to aim and release them on a Friday which doesn’t clash with the #AutismWithSav Vlogs. Will try and also aim for a 8pm (UK Time) release too.

Finally, I hope this update blog was informal and you all have an idea of what I’m trying to do on SavanFilms.

See you all soon!



(Updated 25th June 2017).